Bahraini Dinar

The Designer

Inspired by the affinity for the sparkle of jewels and how well they could adorn the person wearing them; defining their personality, Zaina decided to embark upon a creative journey of jewelry design.

As soon as she landed the idea of starting a jewelry design venture, it was quintessential to learn every facet of the field.

Foremost, she became a certified diamond grader, jewelry professional & designer from venerated Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

As she now saw the world, it was a different place. The training background in gemology and particularly diamonds placed her better to select only the best diamonds in size and quality. The understanding of the 4Cs of a diamond allowed her to master her purchases and craft the finest jewels with high standards. She visited numerous diamond factories, diamond cutting centers and jewelry manufacturing units all over the world to discover and procure the finest in the field to be carefully placed in her exquisite jewelry pieces. As the quest for diamonds was an engaging experience and each design piece was close to her heart, there was nothing better than to make her brand her namesake.